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Alberto Lorca

  • Alberto Lorca © Jaime Villanueva / EL MUNDO

    Alberto Lorca © Jaime Villanueva / EL MUNDO






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"Spanish dancer, dance master, choreographer and director. He founded the Spanish National Festival Ballet, today the Spanish National Ballet."

His real name was Albrecht Nicols van Aerssen. He was born in Holland in 1917, but moved to Seville while still a child. He trained in Madrid with Luisa Pericet, El Estampío and the Danish artist Karen Taft. He made his debut as a dancer in the Teatro Español theatre in 1945 and two years later moved to the company of Pilar López. In 1954 he retired from the stage although he remained with the company in the capacity of artistic adviser and dance master. He joined the La Zarzuela theatre as a choreographer in 1956. In 1960 he set up his first company, Ballet Lorquiana, which was followed by the Ballet Español Antología (1973) and the Spanish  Festival Ballet (1975). For this group he created 'Ritmos' (1984) and 'Doña Francisquita' (1985). He died in Madrid in 2008.

Essential works

  • Work of culture - Generic image

    Doña Francisquita

    A new version of the famous zarzuela 'Doña Francisquita', with a first-rate choreography by Alberto Lorca for the Spanish National Ballet

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  • Work of culture - Generic image

    Fandango del candil

    A splendid dance adaptation of one of the piano pieces from the “Goyescas” musical notebooks, or impressions, by composer Enrique Granados.

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  • Work of culture - Generic image


    This work is fundamental in the history of Spanish dance and was included in the programme of the Spanish National Ballet in 1984.

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    This was one of the last contributions made by the choreographer and dancer, Alberto Lorca, to Spanish dance, after a prolific artistic career.

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