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Alberto García-Alix

  • Alberto García-Alix © Antonio Moreno / EL MUNDO

    Alberto García-Alix © Antonio Moreno / EL MUNDO






Date of birth


"A photographer whose career has been recognised with various awards, including the National Photography Award (1999). He was closely linked to the movida madrileña and produced a series of images on the young people who were part of this countercultural movement. He specialises in black-and-white portraiture."

Born in León in 1956, he began to study Image at the Faculty of Information Sciences of the Complutense University in Madrid, but abandoned the course, considering it to be too theoretical. He was self-taught and worked in the world of film before becoming a photographer, when he contributed to different media including the 'El País' newspaper. His first one-man show was held at the Moriarty gallery in Madrid, and was the first of many. He specialises in portraiture, and is considered a gritty photographer whose obsession lies in capturing reality. He seeks simplicity through a very direct head-on view. He abhors sophistication and tricks, and is passionate about the purity of developing process in black-and-white film.


National Photography Award (1999)
Bartolomé Ros Award for the Best Career in Photography (2003)
Madrid Region Culture Award (2004)
PHotoEspaña Award (2012)
Gentleman of the Arts and Letters of France
Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts (2019)

Highlighted works

  • El día que murió Bombita
  • No hables de mí
  • Miradas a un reloj
  • El eco de mis pasos
  • PhotoBolsillo
  • Llorando a aquélla que creyó amarme
  • García-Alix (León, 1956)
  • Photographs 1977-1997

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