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Alberto Closas

  • Alberto Closas © EFE

    Alberto Closas © EFE



Film, Theatre



Date of birth

Oct 3, 1921

Date of death

Sep 19, 1994

" Actor. Alberto Closas was one of the foremost romantic leads of Spanish stage and screen."

His full name was Alberto Closas Lluró. He was born in Barcelona in 1921. After the Spanish Civil War his family went into exile in Buenos Aires. In 1940 he joined Margarita Xirgu's acting school and soon became the leading actor in the company. He undertook various theatre tours of Latin America, and also appeared in films in Argentina. In 1955 he started working in Spain where he soon became known for his film roles. His first Spanish feature film was 'Death of a cyclist', by Juan Antonio Bardem. In the 1960s he continued to garner success in film and on stage. He set up his own film production company and took part in the saga entitled 'La gran familia', one of his best-known performances. He took part in a television programme 'Estudio Uno'. Throughout the whole of his career he combined his film work with the stage. He died in Madrid in 1994 while starring in the play 'El canto del cisne' alongside Amparo Rivelles.


Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts (1993)

Essential works

  • Death of a Cyclist. Photo courtesy of the Spanish Film Archive

    Death of a Cyclist (interpretation)

    One of the masterpieces by the director Juan Antonio Bardem. The story, full of symbolisms, bitterly criticises classism during that time in history.

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