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Agustín Ibarrola

  • Agustín Ibarrola © EFE

    Agustín Ibarrola © EFE



Sculpture, Painting



Date of birth

Aug 18, 1930

" A painter and sculptor committed to social reality. His best-known work is 'Oma Forest', a mixture of painting and sculpture in a natural setting."

He was born in Basauri (Vizcaya) in 1930. He studied at the Bilbao School of Arts and Trades and soon after was awarded a grant by the Regional Government to study in Madrid, in the studio of Vázquez Díaz. In 1950 he met the sculptor Jorge de Oteiza, who was a key influence in his career, and who introduced him to Constructivism. In 1955 he moved to Paris; shortly after he founded the group known as Grupo 57. Other members were Ángel Duarte, José Duarte, Juan Serrano and Juan Cuenca, and together they published the 'Manifesto of Interactivity'. In the 1960s, his social and ideological beliefs, which flirted with communism, led to his imprisonment. In the 1980s, he secluded himself in his farmhouse, where he painted large-scale works and his 'Oma Forest' involving painting the trunks of almost 500 pine trees.


The 'Mayores en acción' Confederation Award (2001)
The Jovellanos Award (2001)
Gold Medal of the Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid (2005)
Medal of the Order of Constitutional Merit

Highlighted works

  • Oma Forest
  • Elm forest

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