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Agustín González de Acilu

  • Agustín González de Acilu © EFE

    Agustín González de Acilu © EFE






Date of birth

Feb 18, 1929

" Composer and music teacher. His research has led him to consider music from a scientific perspective and to the study of phonetics applied to music.

Born in Alsasua (Navarre) in 1929, he was taught music by the local organist, Luis Taberna. After studying at the Pablo Sarasate Conservatory in Pamplona, he moved to Madrid to continue his training at the Royal Superior Conservatory of Music, where he subsequently worked as a teacher of harmony. His musical works make much use of experimentation with techniques and media, without sacrificing expressivity. Apart from his teaching post, he gives composition courses on '20th-century techniques' at the Pablo Sarasate conservatory. He has trained further in Darmstadt, Paris, Venice and Rome.


National Music Award (1971, 1998)
Príncipe de Viana Award for Culture (2009)
Gold Medal of the Royal Superior Conservatory of Music in Madrid (2009)
Honorary Doctor of Navarre Public University (2011)
Samuel Ros Composition Award (1962).
Founding member of the Association of Spanish Symphony Composers (ACSE) 

Highlighted works

  • Contracturas
  • Aschermittwoch
  • Omagio a Pier Paolo Pasolini
  • Oratorio Panlingüístico
  • Interfonismos
  • La voz de Ofelia
  • Matritum urbs antigua
  • Concerto for two violins and orchestra

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