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Spanish culture in the world

Spain's cultural and artistic richness can also be found beyond our borders. We present the international activities and options relating to Spanish creators and to our artistic and cultural heritage which take place in different countries throughout the world.


Death of a Cyclist. Photo courtesy of the Spanish Film Archive

May 9, 2020 to May 30, 2020  - Mexico / Festival

The classics with you. Spanish movies in black-and-white

In response to the public health emergency, Spain’s Cultural Centre in Mexico presents this virtual film season.. 
Jointly organised with the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of Spain and the AECID Film Archive, this programme invites us to revisit some of the essential movies that became milestones of Spanish cinema, both for their unusual qualities and as outstanding examples of their era; films which analysed and mirrored reality from their own unique point of view: “Death of a Cyclist” by Juan Antonio Bardem, “Welcome Mister Marshall!” and “The Executioner” by Luis García Berlanga, and “Viridiana” by Luis Buñuel.

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Cristina García Rodero © José Aymá / EL MUNDO

Apr 4, 2020 to Jun 20, 2020


I’m staying at home with ART. 10 current creators

The Cervantes Institute in Milan offers a programme of leading Spanish female artists, selected by art experts at Vigo University. Esther Ferrer, Carmen Calvo, and Cristina García Rodero are among the creators on show.

Detail of the poster promoting CinemaAttic Cuarentena

May 6, 2020 to Jun 21, 2020


United Kingdom
CinemaAttic Cuarentena

Every week, this online film festival chooses seven Spanish short films, in a spectacular display ranging from emerging stars of Spanish cinema to shorts which have garnered international awards and become modern classics.

Detail of the entrance to the Repertorio Español theatre in Manhattan © Repertorio Español


Talking sites: Spain in New York

A set of videos presented by well-known Spanish creators, such as Isabel Coixet and Raphael, which talk about places relating to the culture and history of Spain in New York City.

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