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'Falla' papier-maché figure in flames on the 'Nit del Foc'. Valencia © Turespaña

14/03/2023 - 19/03/2023 - Valencia / Festivity of International Tourist Interest

San José Fallas celebration

The Fallas are Valencia’s most international festival. In a competition of art, ingenuity and good taste, during the week beginning on 19 March the city fills with gigantic cardboard monuments, the ninots. The celebration’s origins go back to the parots of the carpenters: a wooden lamp that was used to light the workshops in winter and was burned in the street on the eve of San José’s Day. At first, they were given a human appearance by decorating them with old clothes, but in the mid-19th century, they started making them bigger and taller and improving their forms to convert them into decorative dolls.

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Pamplona Diocesan Cathedral Museum - Pamplona

Exhibition: Occidens


To be confirmed

Exhibition, Festival




To be confirmed


Montehermoso Cultural Centre - Vitoria

Exhibition: World Press Photo


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Concert / recital

Jun 4, 2023

Concert / recital

Teatro Real Theatre - Madrid

Tenor Viñas Competition Concert


Jun 11, 2023

Concert / recital

Teatro Real Theatre - Madrid

Chamber Sundays VI


Jun 12, 2023

Concert / recital

La Zarzuela Theatre - Madrid

Notas del Ambigú: Contemporary Spanish music


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Jan 27, 2023 to Jun 29, 2023



Guitar BCN


Feb 21, 2023 to Jun 17, 2023


Teatro Pérez Galdós - Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria "Alfredo Kraus" Opera Festival


May 29, 2023 to Jun 4, 2023



Emerita Lvdica


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May 5, 2023 to Jun 18, 2023


María Guerrero Theatre - Madrid

Paraíso perdido


May 12, 2023 to Jun 25, 2023


María Guerrero Theatre - Madrid

The death of the muses


Jun 7, 2023 to Jun 18, 2023


Teatro Valle-Inclán. Sala Francisco Nieva - Madrid



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Fiestas and traditions

Jun 3, 2023 to Jun 10, 2023


Corpus Christi in Granada


Jun 7, 2023 to Jun 11, 2023


La Patum Festival in Berga


Jun 11, 2023

San Cristóbal de la Laguna

Corpus Christi in San Cristóbal de La Laguna (Tenerife)


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May 26, 2023 to Jun 11, 2023


Buen Retiro Park - Madrid

Madrid Book Fair


Nov 11, 2023 to Nov 19, 2023


IFEMA. Feria de Madrid - Madrid

Feriarte. Antiques and Art Galleries Fair


To be confirmed 2020


Paseo de Recoletos avenue in Madrid - Madrid

Antique and Second-Hand Book Fair in Madrid


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EVENTS March 03 2023

Sep 25, 2022 to Jun 4, 2023

Children's activity, Performance, Other

National Archaeological Museum - Madrid
Museum drama at the National Archaeology Museum

This is a series of brief theatrical pieces that explain different episodes in history from the point of view of the protagonists.

«The Prado for everyone» project © Museo Nacional del Prado

Oct 1, 2022 to Jun 30, 2023


Prado Museum - Madrid
Prado Inclusive 2022-2023

The educational programme from the National Prado Museum, promoting the participation of all groups or social entities linked to diversity, is offering various accessible activities this season.

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Oct 3, 2022 to Jun 30, 2023

Children's activity, Workshop

ICO Museum - Madrid
The “Empower Parents” programme


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Jan 21, 2023 to Apr 16, 2023

Burgo de Osma-Ciudad de Osma
Traditional pig slaughter in Burgo de Osma


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