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Picasso. Modernism and Avant-garde movements The turn of the century brought new winds of modernity. The aesthetic sensibility of the time was marked by a different, freer attitude towards art and life.


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Casa Milà house, "La Pedrera"

We've discovered that this is the most visited monument on our website on 2015 and we're not at all surprised. It's pure genius, because of its curves, its originality, its building technique. 100% Gaudí.



Esteban Vicente Museum of Contemporary Art

The artist who gives the room its name is the only Spaniard in the first generation of the New York school of Abstract Impressionism. The works in the museum follow the different creative stages in the painter's development.


Artist / Creator

Gonzalo Hermo

He was captivated by reading the works of Rosalía de Castro as a small boy, and resolved to dedicate his life to poetry. Years later he has won the 2015 National "Miguel Hernández" Young Poet's Award for his work "Celebración".


Work of art

Mercury of San Salvador de Seiró

This piece –with exceptional quality– represents the god of commerce, peace and reconciliation. It depicts the figure of an adolescent holding the pouch that symbolises commercial activity. The piece is profoundly Roman.




Dec 5, 2015 to Dec 8, 2015

Festivity of National Tourist Interest

Festivities to mark the descent of the Virgin

The most important day is when the image of the Virgin is take done and borne up to the shrine.

Façade of the Teatro Real opera house. Madrid © Javier del Real

Nov 30, 2015 to Dec 29, 2015

Teatro Real Theatre - Madrid
Rigoletto at the Teatro Real opera house

Verdi's operatic drama staged by David McVicar.


Oct 10, 2015 to Jan 10, 2016


MAPFRE FOUNDATION Room - Casa Garriga i Nogués - Barcelona
The Triumph of Colour

Dec 4, 2015 to Dec 8, 2015

León - León
Purple Weekend Festival

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