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Gaudí's "Capricho" monument

Architecture, music and nature come together in this work by Gaudí. This is his oldest surviving civil building and the most outstanding features of its design include the tiles decorated with sunflowers, the bench-cum-balconies, and the stained-glass windows with musical motifs.



Zaragoza Museum

Last week the museum renewed some of the Goya prints on display with etchings from the series "Los Caprichos", "Los Desastres", "Tauromaquia" and "Los Disparates". It also contains paintings by the artist, and an important archaeological collection.


Artist / Creator


His name today is synonymous with graphic humour in Spain, and his cartoons are published every day in "El País". He is the most recent winner of the prestigious Quevedos Spanish-American Award for graphic humour, and in 2014 the Post Office published a collection of stamps with his drawings.


Work of art

Gold amulet pendant

The combination of male and female genitalia was an effective weapon against spells and the evil eye. Its material –gold– further reinforced its protective properties. It is on display in the National Museum of Underwater Archaeology.


Very interesting


View of Deià. Majorca © Turespaña

May 21, 2015 to Sep 24, 2015


Deià International Music Festival

Classical music, jazz, a homage to Pau Casals... these are just a few of the attractions featured in this year's festival.

Hedda Gabler (rehearsal) © marcosGgpunto

Apr 24, 2015 to Jun 14, 2015

María Guerrero Theatre - Madrid
Hedda Gabler

The National Drama Centre goes into action, this week with sessions adapted to people with disabilities.


Jun 5, 2015 to Jun 10, 2015


Castile-León Art Festival

Feb 20, 2015 to Jun 1, 2015


Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA) - Barcelona
Past disquiet. Narratives and ghosts from the international art exhibition for Palestine, 1978

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