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Picasso. 'Guernica' Modernism and Avant-garde movements The turn of the century brought new winds of modernity. The aesthetic sensibility of the time was marked by a different, freer attitude towards art and life.


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Cathedral of Santa María de Vitoria

"Open for works" is the long-standing rehabilitation and guided tour project carried out in the Cathedral, which has received numerous awards. And its portico is transformed into a singular concert stage in June and July.



Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

The museum celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, and is extending its opening hours in the summer. From 20 June to 18 September, you can visit its collection and its temporary exhibitions from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


Artist / Creator

Ouka Leele

Recently deceased, her work became an icon of the spirit of Madrid's Movida. Posthumous honour award at the PHotoEspaña 2022 festival, the Andalusian Centre of Photography also pays tribute to Ouka Leele with an exhibition until 10 July.


Work of art

Saint Bernardine of Siena

This painting is a characteristic example of El Greco's final pieces. At the moment, it can be seen in Toledo next to the painting "Venus and Cupid" by Picasso, on the occasion of the exhibition "Picasso visits El Greco".



«Coriolanus» by William Shakespeare © Ros Ribas. Clásicos de Alcalá

Jun 9, 2022 to Jul 3, 2022


Salón Cervantes Theatre building - Alcalá de Henares
Classics in Alcalá

An event that lovers of good theatre cannot afford to miss

Miguel Poveda © Festival de la Guitarra de Córdoba

Jul 1, 2022 to Jul 9, 2022


Gran Teatro de Córdoba - Córdoba
Cordoba Guitar Festival

Cordoba becomes "guitar city".


Jun 9, 2022 to Jun 26, 2022


Gran Teatro de Cáceres - Cáceres
Cáceres Classical Theatre Festival

Jul 16, 2022 to Jul 17, 2022

Festivity of National Tourist Interest

Grand Prix de Carrilanas in Esteiro

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