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Picasso. Modernism and Avant-garde movements The turn of the century brought new winds of modernity. The aesthetic sensibility of the time was marked by a different, freer attitude towards art and life.


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Torre de Hercules tower

It is the only Roman lighthouse that has been functioning since it was first built. It is a World Heritage Site and affords a spectacular panoramic view of A Coruña's coast. Click on this link to go on a virtual tour.



Maricel Museum

Highlights include the medieval artworks, the room that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, and the "Noucentisme" sculptures (from the early 20th century). It also houses paintings by artists linked to Sitges, and a maritime collection.


Artist / Creator

María Galiana

She started performing late in life, when she was 50, but she has managed to become a famous actress. She has won a Goya award for her role in "Solas", and nowadays she performs at the Mérida Theatre Festival.


Work of art

Las Meninas

Also known as 'The Family of Philip IV', it is a prime example of Velázquez's painting, for many reasons: its details, how the painter is reflected in the mirror, and the skilful use of perspective and light.



'Misterio de Elche' mystery play. A scene from the religious re-enactment. © Turespaña

Aug 11, 2015 to Aug 15, 2015

Festivity of International Tourist Interest

'Misterio de Elche' mystery play

A lyrical drama of medieval origins which has been staged since the 13th century.

English National Ballet © ASH. Castell de Peralada Festival

Jul 10, 2015 to Aug 15, 2015


Peralada Castle - Peralada
Castell de Peralada Festival

Music and theatre in the castle site and its gardens.


Jul 18, 2015 to Aug 22, 2015


Starlite Festival

Aug 5, 2015 to Aug 9, 2015


San Benito Monastery in Alcántara - Alcántara
Alcántara Classical Theatre Festival

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